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Grading Scale

The grade point averages for grades 6-12 will be calculated in the following manner:  Each student’s “grade point average” will be the sum of the point values, of all the marks/grades received for all courses attempted divided by the sum of the credits for all courses attempted. The grade point value will be calculated by multiplying the numerical value of the mark/grade earned by the number of credits assigned to the course.  

 Grading Marks  GPA
A (100-93)    4.0
A- (92-90)    3.7
B+ (89-87)    3.3
B (86-83)    3.0
B- (82-80)    2.7
C+ (79-77)    2.3
C (76-73)    2.0
C- (72-70)    1.7
D+ (69-67)    1.3
D (66-60)       1
F (59 and below)       0